About Shyisy

Founded in 2020, Shyisy is founded by a group of women with an average age of 35+ who love life. They are good at grasping the current fashion trends. The original intention of Shyisy is to hope that women over the age of 35 can also find fashionable clothing that suits them and get happiness from it!

SHYISY Main Product Category
Shyisy is mainly engaged in women's clothing, and also involves the matching of women's shoes and accessories. Shyisy launches various types of popular new products every week. Since its establishment in 2020, it has been welcomed by women in Europe, America, Australia, Canada and other countries, and has had a positive impact!

SHYISY Development History
In 2021, Shyisy has its own factory, and every piece of clothing is handmade by our employees, paying more attention to quality and style. Every time we see positive feedback from customers, it is the biggest motivation for us to design clothing.

Our Philosophy
The ultimate goal of Shyisy is to enable women at every stage to find clothes that suit them and appreciate their beauty from the bottom of their hearts. Hope every customer can enjoy the trip of Shyisy.